8 Strange Disneyland Facts You Should Know

Disneyland is a historic park with so much influence on culture. Here are 8 strange Disneyland facts you might not have known.

1. Disneyland was built in just one year.

Construction began in July 1954, and the park opened to the public on July 17, 1955. This is an incredibly short amount of time to build such a large and complex theme park. The construction crew faced many challenges along the way. Some challenges include difficult terrain and a tight deadline. However, they were able to complete the park in time for its opening day. Despite some initial setbacks on opening day, Disneyland quickly became a popular destination. It continues to become one of the most famous and beloved theme parks in the world.

2. Walt Disney had an apartment above the fire station on Main Street, USA. He stayed here while visiting the park. A lamp in the window was always kept lit as a tribute to his memory after his death.

The apartment in Disneyland is a small living space located above the Main Street Fire Station in Disneyland’s Main Street, USA. Of course, apartment was originally designed by Walt Disney and his wife Lillian as a private residence where they could stay while visiting the park. The apartment is decorated in a Victorian style, and features a small living area, a bedroom, and a small kitchen. The windows of the apartment have a clear view of Main Street, USA, and a lamp in the window is always kept lit as a tribute to Walt Disney’s memory after his death.

Today, the apartment is maintained as a museum-like exhibit and is not open to the public for overnight stays. However, it is occasionally used by special guests and dignitaries, and can be seen during certain Disneyland tours, such as the “Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps” tour. The apartment serves as a reminder of Walt Disney’s vision and dedication to creating a magical experience for guests of all ages.

3. There are over 200 feral cats that live in Disneyland to help control the rodent population. The cats are fed and cared for by Disney cast members.

The feral cats in Disneyland are a group of cats that live within the park and are employed by Disney to help control the rodent population. These cats are feral, which means they are not domesticated and are typically wary of humans. They are given free reign of the park after hours, when the guests are gone and the park is closed, and they roam around the park searching for rodents to hunt. During the day, the cats typically sleep in quiet areas around the park.

The cats are not considered pets, and are not allowed to be handled by guests. However, Disney does take care of them and provides them with food, water, and medical care when necessary. The cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and ear-tipped (a common practice used to identify feral cats that have already been spayed or neutered).

The feral cats of Disneyland have become a unique and beloved part of the park’s culture, and many guests enjoy catching a glimpse of them during their visit. Disney even offers merchandise featuring the cats, such as t-shirts and pins. How is that for a Disneyland Strange Fact?


4. The Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction was the first roller coaster to use tubular steel track. Walt Disney was inspired to create the ride after seeing the real Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland.

The Matterhorn Bobsleds is a popular roller coaster attraction located in Disneyland’s Fantasyland. The ride was one of the first roller coasters to feature tubular steel track. This allows for a smoother ride and greater speed. Here is a brief history of the Matterhorn Bobsleds:

In the late 1950s, Walt Disney was inspired to build a roller coaster based on the Matterhorn, a famous mountain in Switzerland. The coaster is the centerpiece attraction in Disneyland’s Fantasyland. At the time it was undergoing a major renovation at the time. Disney sent a team of designers and engineers to Switzerland to study the real Matterhorn and gather ideas for the ride’s design.

The Matterhorn Bobsleds officially opened on June 14, 1959, and quickly became a popular attraction at the park. The ride takes guests on a thrilling journey through a mountain landscape, complete with icy caves and steep drops. The bobsleds themselves are designed to look like traditional Swiss bobsleds, with each bobsled accommodating two guests.

In 1978, the ride was closed for renovations and upgrades, including the replacement of the original wooden track with the current tubular steel track. The ride reopened in 1979 with several new features, including new special effects and a faster, smoother ride experience.

Over the years, the Matterhorn Bobsleds have undergone several updates and improvements to keep the ride fresh and exciting for guests. Today, the ride remains a beloved part of Disneyland’s history and a must-ride attraction for thrill-seekers of all ages.

5. The park’s original opening day was a disaster. There were problems with the plumbing and asphalt, rides broke down, and there were far more guests than expected. The day became known as “Black Sunday”.

Disneyland’s “Black Sunday” was a significant event that occurred on July 17, 1955, which was the park’s opening day. The day was intended to be a major celebration, but it turned into a disaster due to various issues and technical problems. Here are some of the key events that contributed to “Black Sunday“:

The park was overcrowded. At the time, the  park had a maximum capacity of 15,000 guests, but it is estimated that nearly twice that many people showed up on opening day. The overcrowding caused major traffic jams and long lines for attractions.

Weather was extremely hot. The temperature reached 101 degrees Fahrenheit, which made the park’s asphalt surfaces extremely hot and uncomfortable for guests.

Many attractions broke down. Several rides and attractions experienced technical difficulties throughout the day, including the Mark Twain Riverboat, the Skyway, and the Dumbo ride. This caused even longer lines and more frustration for guests.

Food and drink shortages.  Many food and drink stands ran out of supplies due to the high demand, leaving guests hungry and thirsty.

Overall, the combination of these factors resulted in a chaotic and disappointing experience for many guests, leading to the moniker “Black Sunday.” Despite the initial setbacks, Disneyland was able to recover and quickly became a beloved destination, with millions of visitors enjoying the park’s attractions and entertainment over the years.

6. The Haunted Mansion attraction was originally designed as a walkthrough exhibit, but was later changed to a ride. The stretching room, which appears to be moving downwards, is actually an elevator that takes guests to a lower level of the ride.

There have been many stories and rumors over the years about guests and employees seeing or experiencing supernatural activity inside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. However, these stories are most likely just urban legends and myths, as there is no credible evidence to suggest that the attraction is actually haunted.

The Haunted Mansion is designed to create an eerie and spooky atmosphere through the use of special effects, lighting, and sound. Many of the scenes and illusions in the ride are very convincing and can give visitors the impression that they are actually seeing ghosts or other supernatural entities. However, these are all carefully crafted illusions, and there are no real ghosts or hauntings associated with the attraction.

While there may be some visitors who claim to have seen or experienced something supernatural in the Haunted Mansion, these stories are likely just a result of the power of suggestion and the spooky atmosphere of the ride. Disney takes great care to ensure that all of their attractions are safe and enjoyable for guests, and there is no reason to believe that the Haunted Mansion is anything but a fun and entertaining ride.

7. Disneyland has its own private jail, located near the entrance of Frontierland. It was used to hold guests who were causing a disturbance or breaking park rules. but it has since been converted into a first aid station.

Disneyland has a private jail, located in the park’s security office. The jail is used to detain guests who have committed minor offenses, such as breaking ride rules, vandalism, or disorderly conduct. The jail is staffed by Disneyland’s security personnel. They are responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the safety of guests and employees throughout the park.

The jail is a small, simple facility with a few holding cells and basic amenities. It is designed to hold guests for short periods of time, typically no more than a few hours. Guests who are detained in the jail are usually issued a citation or warning and then released once they have calmed down and agreed to abide by the park’s rules and regulations.

While the existence of Disneyland’s private jail may seem surprising, it is necessary. By detaining guests who engage in disruptive or dangerous behavior, Disneyland is able to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors. Additionally, the park’s security personnel are trained to handle a wide range of situations and are committed to protecting the well-being of everyone in the park. That’s a strange Disneyland fact, right?

8. The park’s trash cans are strategically placed so that no guest is ever more than 30 steps away from one. This helps keep the park clean and prevents guests from littering.

Disneyland’s trash cans are not just any ordinary trash cans. In fact, they are an important part of the park’s infrastructure and design. They are carefully engineered and strategically placed throughout the park.

Firstly, the trash cans in Disneyland are designed to fit with the theming of the surrounding area. Each trash can is color-coordinated with the land it is located in. Likewise many have decorative elements that reflect the land’s theme. For example, the trash cans in Fantasyland feature a whimsical design with ornate metalwork and intricate details. Alternatively, the trash cans in Tomorrowland have a sleek, futuristic design.

In addition to their aesthetics, the trash cans in Disneyland are strategically placed. The placements encourage guests to dispose of their trash in a convenient and efficient manner. The park’s custodial team is constantly monitoring the flow of guests and adjusting the placement of trash cans. Doing this ensures that they are always within a short walking distance. The trash cans are also designed to be easily accessible. They have large openings allowing guests to dispose of their trash without touching the lid or sides of the can.

Furthermore, the trash cans in Disneyland are equipped with a unique pneumatic system. This system uses air pressure to move the trash through underground tunnels and into centralized dumpsters. This system helps to reduce the amount of manual labor required to empty the cans. Plus it keeps the park’s walkways clean and clear of trash.

Overall, Disneyland’s trash cans are a testament to the park’s attention to detail. Additionally, it shows commitment to providing a clean and enjoyable environment for guests. The trash cans are a crucial element of the park’s infrastructure.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many strange and interesting facts about Disneyland. What are some strange Disneyland facts you’ve heard of? Share in the comments below.

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