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African Birds at Walt Disney World Resort

Birds can be found in every climate and terrain the African continent has to offer—from shrublands to woodlands to waterways.

Like some of their land animal counterparts, many African birds have uniquely striking features that are stunning to behold. And you can get an up-close look at these winged wonders at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

Just follow the chirps and squawks to the aviary located on the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. It’s home to an incredible variety of colorful bird species.

Home Away From Home

Get ready to meet the amazing birds who call Disney’s African aviary home.

  • Green Woodhoopoe: Watch these curious birds explore their habitat as they hunt for insects hidden in the bark of trees.
  • African Jacana: Jacanas are better known for their walking than flying. Their long toes allow them to use floating lily pads as stepping-stones.
  • Northern Carmine Bee-Eater: In The Gambia, these birds are called “cousins to the fire,” because they can sit near fires and snatch bugs fleeing the flames. They can even remove bee stingers with their bills so they don’t get stung.
  • Purple Glossy Starling: With their shimmering feathers and large orange eyes, these stunning showstoppers are stars of the aviary.
  • African Pygmy Goose: The distinctively colored African pygmy goose relies on its exceptional diving skills to hunt for seeds, insects and larvae and for evading predators.

Disney Conservation: Saving African Birds

The Walt Disney Company is committed to saving wildlife and protecting the magic of nature together as a global community.

African birds are losing their habitat to expanding cities, pollution, flooding, invasive species and the conversion of forests to grazing areas for livestock. And while natural predators like hawks, owls and monitor lizards can threaten their populations, unsustainable hunting practices put even more pressure on them. In addition, the birds’ food supply is becoming tainted with pesticides.

Since 1995 the Disney Conservation Fund* has supported nonprofit organizations working with communities to protect African birds and their habitats, inspire environmental stewardship and foster respect for wildlife.

African Birds – Disney Animals Statistics

Land Location: Africa

Height Requirement: N/A

Speed: N/A

Ride Duration: N/A

Drop: N/A

Height Restriction: N/A

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

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