“it’s a small world”

Magic Kingdom

Love it. Hate it. Can’t stand the music. There’s no doubt that some folks have mixed feelings about “it’s a small world” No  matter what you feel, this boat ride is one of the most iconic rides in any Disney Park. Originally having opened for the New York World’s Fair on May 28, 1966, this ride thrilled and delighted guests of all ages.

Following is October 1971 debut in Magic Kingdom, “it’s a small world” has become a favorite for so many. The titular song was written by the famous Sherman brothers, well-known for their Disney fame and influence. Running for around 15 minutes, “small world” invites guests to emerge into a dark ride filled with adorable puppet-like figures.

“it’s a small world” facts

  • The ride was originally going to be named “Children of the World”
  • The titular song is sung in 5 different languages
  • The ride contains 289 “doll children” representing at total of 29 countries
  • Small World debuted at the 1964 New York World’s Fair
  • “it’s a small world” song is played over 1,200 times per day

“it’s a small world” Statistics

Land Location: Fantasyland

Height Requirement: 3.281′

Speed: 2 MPH

Ride Duration: 15 minutes

Drop: None

Height Restriction: Any Height

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

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