Ep. 001 Welcome to the Parks Academy

Ep. 001 The Parks Academy[00:00:00] Paige: Hey everyone. This is the parks academy. We are a brand new podcast and we’re going to talk about and celebrate all things. Theme park related. We focus mostly on Disney parks and resorts, but we will have.[00:00:18] Stephen: What[00:00:18] Stephen: are we going to have? When are we going to have. We’re going to have.[00:00:22] Stephen: A lot of ideas.[00:00:23] Stephen: talking about vacation Planning dining resort hopping, and a lot more.[00:00:28] Stephen: Um, this is our first time doing this. So we’re expecting a lot of foibles and mistakes.[00:00:32] Stephen: but I think that’s, you know, kind of what it’s all about. So,[00:00:37] Paige: And we’re a husband and wife team.[00:00:38] Stephen: We are definitely[00:00:39] Stephen: husband and wife team. I’m Stephen.[00:00:40] Paige: Paige.[00:00:41] Stephen: Yeah. And we’re excited to do this. Um, I think we’re just going to let all the mistakes sort of go and not keep trying to read you this over and over again.[00:00:49] Stephen: Cause that’s no fun for anybody.[00:00:51] Stephen: Um, so we met in 2014.[00:00:56] Stephen: And I am from California.[00:00:58] Stephen: I grew up in the bay area, so [00:01:00] I was on the coast of Disneyland and I went there quite a bit growing up, especially in early college.[00:01:07] Paige: And I am from Maryland. So I’m an east coast girl. So I grew up going to Disney world and never made it out to California until I met this guy over here. So we’ve been to both Disneyland and Disney world together.[00:01:19] Paige: Since we’ve been married, but before that we had each only been to our parks on our coast.[00:01:24] Stephen: Yeah. And we have spent probably the last, I would say four years becoming.[00:01:29] Stephen: Pretty enthusiastic about parks and traveling.[00:01:33] Stephen: Um, we have watched our fair share of YouTube videos and have listened to other podcasts. And while.[00:01:39] Stephen: you know, the market may be saturated.[00:01:42] Stephen: overly. Um, we thought, why not? You know, It’s fun to do. And if for nothing else, it’s enjoyable for us to talk about it. And, uh, it gives us something. To sort of an avenue, I guess, to kind of discuss what we like and, um, hopefully help a couple of people along the way, or at the very least, uh, entertain.[00:01:58] Stephen: So we don’t [00:02:00] have much of a format right now. Um, we got a couple of ideas that we are going to bounce around something we’re going to try out, see what sticks. But since we.[00:02:10] Stephen: I Identify[00:02:11] Stephen: as having our home parks and mine is Disneyland and hers is Disney world.[00:02:16] Stephen: We thought it would be fun to go over, um, 10 rides that are in both parks and sort of discuss which one’s better and why. We picked from some of our favorites, as well as some transportation. Um, and I think that this is just going to be a fun, little way to start. So why don’t we start off with one.[00:02:35] Stephen: And we can just kind of talk about.[00:02:38] Stephen: which one we think is better and why we certainly don’t have[00:02:41] Stephen: to agree,[00:02:42] Stephen: but, um,[00:02:43] Paige: and we probably. won’t agree.[00:02:44] Stephen: Probably not.[00:02:45] Paige: but. we’re both Pretty biased. So it’s going to.[00:02:48] Paige: Be interesting to hear the perspectives from both of us.[00:02:51] Paige: since we have different home parks, but we’ve both been to both parks and we’ve done both rides.[00:02:57] Stephen: I think you’re going[00:02:57] Stephen: to be surprised because I [00:03:00] there’s a.[00:03:00] Stephen: yeah, I think some of my answers are going to surprise you.[00:03:02] Paige: And so am, I might surprise you to actually.[00:03:04] Stephen: Probably not. We’ll see. All right. Let’s start off with everyone’s either favorite or least favorite ride. Small world.[00:03:14] Paige: This is a pretty, uh, Good one to start with because this one. Is a fairly similar right on the inside. The biggest difference is.[00:03:25] Paige: The outside of the ride, and it’s kind of hard to choose Disney world for this one when.[00:03:31] Paige: the Disney land, small world ride is so iconic. From the outside. It’s so beautiful with the clock. Um, and the Disney world one kind of has the same. Look on the inside, but you’re all inside. When you are waiting in the line and loading onto the ride. Um, so I think Disneyland for sure has this one.[00:03:54] Stephen: I completely have to agree with you on that.[00:03:56] Stephen: through the course of our deep diving into Disney. One of the [00:04:00] things that we, or one of the people that we got to, uh, get to know sort of, uh, by the transit of entertainment was Mary Blair who actually designed the outside. Of small world. Uh, for the world’s fair. And so what we actually see in Disneyland right outside of Toontown kind of backed into the corner is the original designs of Mary Blair.[00:04:21] Stephen: uh, developed with the kind of, all of the crazy faces.[00:04:23] Stephen: and, and geometric shapes and things like that.[00:04:25] Stephen: And, uh, that was something that Walt really loved it was uh, shown off among other things at the world. Fair.[00:04:31] Stephen: I think in Chicago, but if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But I’m going to have to.[00:04:36] Paige: but that sounds right.[00:04:37] Stephen: I’m going to have to also go with Disneyland on this one. I think it’s too iconic and.[00:04:41] Stephen: uh, and, and just sort of too. Uh, visually masterful to skip over. Plus I, I don’t even remember what the outside of small world looks like in Disney world. Frankly.[00:04:52] Paige: it’s a pretty bland.[00:04:55] Paige: it just kind of like a lot of the other. Dark rides where you just have the [00:05:00] little sign above it and you kind of walk in.[00:05:02] Paige: It’s Not totally enclosed. You just kind of have that line and then you work your way down towards where you get in the ride vehicle.[00:05:09] Stephen: Okay. Yeah. And one other thing about the Disneyland version is you get into the ride vehicle or the boat outside, which is kind of its own magical thing.[00:05:17] Stephen: Um, as opposed to getting on inside.[00:05:20] Stephen: um,[00:05:21] Paige: although Florida, you kind of have to, for some of these rides, maybe knock it on the ride outside. Cause we get a lot more thunderstorms and rain in Florida. So.[00:05:32] Stephen: in Los Angeles, you’ll just get roasted right. So that’s fine.[00:05:35] Stephen: All right, let’s move on to number two, splash.[00:05:38] Stephen: mountain.[00:05:39] Paige: Right. You’re up this time. Cause[00:05:40] Stephen: up[00:05:41] Paige: first. last time.[00:05:42] Stephen: Okay. So[00:05:43] Stephen: I try not to, I don’t really say this anymore because I know that. Splash mountain and the, the Br’er family of creatures have a very, um, tumultuous history. But the first time that I went to Disneyland, [00:06:00] I very quickly realized that splash mountain was my all time favorite ride there.[00:06:05] Stephen: Um, because of the characters and the music and the thrill and all of the unexpected kind of turns and twists and drops.[00:06:13] Stephen: And honestly, it still does.[00:06:15] Stephen: in a lot of ways rank up there as one of my favorites.[00:06:19] Stephen: The thing is though.[00:06:21] Stephen: I don’t.[00:06:22] Stephen: really have a strong feeling about this one. Besides the fact that I do like writing next to somebody. Which is a little bit of foreshadowing.[00:06:31] Paige: I prefer to ride next to someone. And so for this one, I think.[00:06:35] Stephen: That Disney world or magic kingdom is going to have to take it. What do you think?[00:06:41] Paige: Well, my answer for this is complicated because I don’t think I wrote this ride until I went to Disney world with you for the first time.[00:06:51] Paige: I am.[00:06:52] Paige: not a water ride person at all. Really not a water person at all. So, uh, usually skipped [00:07:00] these log flume kind of Ryan’s after I had a traumatic experience at Hershey park. And so I don’t think I ever rode splash mountain as a kid. Uh, I’d have to check with my parents on that, but. I would say. The Disney world version. I do like that. I’m not.[00:07:18] Paige: In a single rider situation where at least I can sit next to you and not. Me scared half to[00:07:25] Stephen: Freak out.[00:07:26] Paige: Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah.[00:07:27] Stephen: I think I’ve only been on the magic kingdom. One, one time.[00:07:31] Stephen: And we are going again in October.[00:07:35] Stephen: To kind of get our last, well, we’re going to try to get into the last tail end, the.[00:07:39] Stephen: 50th.[00:07:40] Stephen: Cause we haven’t been since then.[00:07:41] Stephen: Um,[00:07:43] Stephen: I’m going to try to go on at one more time.[00:07:44] Stephen: if it’s not shut down. cause they’re Doing that big[00:07:46] Stephen: refurb for Princess and the frog.[00:07:48] Stephen: which I’m actually really excited about. Um, the last time I went on splash mountain, I felt like some of the little characters were a little stale. And I know they’re beloved in a lot of ways because of the animatronics, [00:08:00] but, uh, I think a facelift is going to be good on it. So with all of[00:08:03] Stephen: that,[00:08:04] Stephen: The[00:08:04] Stephen: reason I would go with Disney world is because, or magic kingdom. I’m going to have to get used to saying that. Cause I just, I don’t say it. Is because of the double seats. And I prefer that. So. Disney world on that one.[00:08:16] Paige: Yeah, I’d have to agree. And I.[00:08:17] Paige: and I also am really excited about the[00:08:20] Paige: printers in the frog. Remake of this ride.[00:08:24] Paige: Um, I absolutely love that movie. I love the vibes of new Orleans. And that whole style. So I think that that would be a really cool idea. Um, and I think that Disney is going to do a really awesome thing with making that over. With the princess and the frog. So. My bill also goes to magic kingdom and I’m super excited to see what they do with this ride.[00:08:47] Stephen: So, so[00:08:47] Stephen: far.[00:08:48] Stephen: we are in agreement.[00:08:50] Stephen: On the first two, which brings us right into one that we may completely disagree on Soren.[00:08:57] Paige: Oh Soren. This is one of my favorite [00:09:00] rides.[00:09:00] Paige: of all times. Um, This is a hard one because I think. The outside of where it is in DCA is really cool.[00:09:12] Paige: Um, but.[00:09:14] Paige: My heart’s just got to go with Epcot.[00:09:16] Paige: Epcot is an awesome park. And the original. Soren ride soaring over California, which the first several times I wrote it as I must’ve been a pre-teen when that opened. Um, It was sore and over California, but I didn’t know it was over California, cause it was just called Soren. And so it wasn’t until I met you that I knew it was even over California, but there’s so much nostalgia for me with that ride and entering into Epcot, going into.[00:09:50] Paige: The pavilion and walking down into the soar and ride that I’m going to have to go with Epcot, but I think that’s.[00:09:56] Paige: I think that’s my nostalgia.[00:09:58] Paige: talking.[00:09:58] Stephen: Didn’t it use to [00:10:00] end.[00:10:00] Stephen: and Disneyland.[00:10:02] Stephen: during the original Soren.[00:10:04] Stephen: Like when[00:10:05] Stephen: you landed,[00:10:05] Stephen: did you land in? Cause I think.[00:10:08] Stephen: I[00:10:09] Stephen: know that now it.[00:10:10] Stephen: ends in Epcot And then the one in California is still ends in.[00:10:13] Stephen: Disneyland.[00:10:15] Stephen: Which is[00:10:15] Stephen: strange. It should. Shit.[00:10:18] Stephen: DCA like over Pixar pier. But I don’t remember. You’re going to have to find out about that,[00:10:23] Paige: I’m going to have[00:10:23] Paige: to look that one up because I can’t remember. Especially since I didn’t even know that it was over California.[00:10:31] Paige: I would,[00:10:31] Paige: I would think[00:10:32] Paige: I would have noticed the difference though, because we’ll have to talk sometime about the castles.[00:10:37] Paige: and how different they are and how underwhelmed I was when I saw the Disneyland castle.[00:10:42] Stephen: Speaking of underwhelmed.[00:10:44] Stephen: I am going to just have to hands down, go with.[00:10:48] Stephen: DCA on this. the first time I went to Epcot. Aye.[00:10:56] Stephen: Into the land pavilion and thought it was a joke. And that might upset [00:11:00] people and that might sound. You know, Um, Like I have no idea what I’m talking about.[00:11:05] Paige: That Definitely[00:11:06] Paige: upsets me a little bit, but I understand.[00:11:08] Stephen: to like it a lot. Um, I’m not going to talk about other rides in there. Uh, because this is about Soren, but[00:11:16] Stephen: if you[00:11:16] Stephen: have been to the DCA Soren or to Disney, California adventure at all, One thing that you’ll notice is when you walk in directly to your right, you basically go into the redwoods. And.[00:11:30] Stephen: Uh, Soren over California at the time. And Soren still is.[00:11:35] Stephen: in this really beautiful metal hanger. Um, you can see it from the, in between the gates.[00:11:42] Stephen: Um, it is just a phenomenal.[00:11:45] Stephen: Phenomenal uh, experience. and the queue I.[00:11:47] Stephen: think is just amazing as well.[00:11:49] Stephen: Um,[00:11:51] Stephen: There’s a lot of, uh, like red blues and yellows, I think, in the queue and in Epcot. And when you go into the [00:12:00] DCA soar, and it definitely feels like you are in a old hanger, um, and kind of going down to embark on this flight.[00:12:07] Stephen: I am not as big of a fan of Soren as.[00:12:10] Stephen: I used to be.[00:12:13] Stephen: ’cause I don’t. Well, I don’t like around the world.[00:12:18] Paige: I think it’s fun.[00:12:18] Paige: It’s different. It’s definitely different.[00:12:21] Stephen: It’s[00:12:22] Stephen: all right.[00:12:23] Paige: But I always have to start my Epcot day with Soren.[00:12:26] Paige: Like, I just always.[00:12:27] Paige: have to go straight to the pavilion. And try to get the Sorin right in before the lines get too long.[00:12:34] Stephen: See, I would just assume go straight. To Mexico. At a margarita. Sorry. It’s a fine ride. Aye.[00:12:41] Stephen: The California one was nostalgic because it flew right over my hometown. I grew up in Napa.[00:12:46] Stephen: Um, and then I was adjacent to San Francisco, so it flew right over San Francisco. When I recognized.[00:12:52] Stephen: So many of the places from growing up.[00:12:54] Stephen: um, and then you landed right in Disneyland. And, um, I think my biggest complaint I’m getting.[00:13:00] [00:13:00] Stephen: Off topic, but my biggest complaint is the Eiffel tower. ’cause I haven’t seen it in person, but I don’t think it curves that much.[00:13:06] Stephen: So all that to say, Soren.[00:13:09] Stephen: in DCA. Over California is, is the best choice.[00:13:13] Paige: And I have seen the Eiffel tower. It does not curve that much. Although if you’re sitting.[00:13:20] Paige: Smack dab in the middle of Soren. You might, might have it almost straight up and down. And I did look up Soren.[00:13:29] Paige: It looks like even the original one over California in Epcot did land. In fact,[00:13:35] Paige: in Disneyland. So.[00:13:38] Paige: I just never even noticed.[00:13:40] Paige: I guess I didn’t even notice there was a different castle.[00:13:43] Stephen: The thing.[00:13:44] Stephen: the thing about Sargon that I do like, and this is in both parks.[00:13:50] Stephen: Is.[00:13:52] Stephen: Uh, Patrick Warburton Is. phenomenal and he always makes me laugh and smile. when I’m.[00:13:58] Stephen: in that queue. [00:14:00] Um,[00:14:00] Stephen: Yeah, I love when he makes the ball guy take off his.[00:14:02] Stephen: Mickey ears. So for that reason, it’s a wind, no matter what. One of your personal favorites. Next is toy story mania. Another ride identical on the inside. But the queues could not be more different.[00:14:15] Paige: Yeah, this is definitely one of my favorite rides. I am super, super competitive. And so anything where I get to compete against somebody and earn points, I am totally in which I’m sure will come up. In several other instances, as we talk about different rides in the different parks. But toy story mania is a classic. I remember when that one came out and I was super excited.[00:14:37] Paige: To play that ride. Um, In Hollywood studios, the area that it used to be, the entrance I thought was a cool little area. You have all of the toy soldiers and the barrel of monkeys. Uh, but they moved the entrance, right? Just the last time we were there.[00:14:55] Stephen: Yeah, the interest is now Sort of tucked away by what he’s lunchbox?[00:14:59] Stephen: and the [00:15:00] Luxo ball in toy story land. That’s[00:15:02] Paige: right. So it does fit with the toy story land area. Now.[00:15:06] Paige: Um, and it makes it feel more cohesive, but you know what? I, I love Pixar pier.[00:15:13] Paige: I think that area is just absolutely beautiful. I like DCA better than I even liked Disneyland. So I think for this one, I actually would have to say, DCA version just because of coming right off of Pixar pier there. And it just seems like it fits you have Mr. Potato head. And it seems like it’s a part of those arcade game vibes right off of Pixar pier. There.[00:15:37] Paige: So I think I’d have to go with DCA on this one.[00:15:40] Stephen: Okay. Um, I think that I’m going to have to go the same route. Growing up, it was paradise pier, which I think was superior to Pixar pier and almost every way.[00:15:52] Stephen: Um, mostly because Pixar[00:15:53] Stephen: feet, peer, it Kind of feels like they just put a wrapper on it.[00:15:56] Stephen: It’s temporary. Um, no shade, but it just [00:16:00] feels that way. Um, the ride is great. I love it. But I’m going to have to also go with, uh, directly with, uh, DCA on that one too. And I think the biggest reason is because you have that.[00:16:11] Stephen: I think they have an in Hollywood studios.[00:16:15] Stephen: but the animatronic potato head. The kind of roast people when they walk by.[00:16:18] Paige: Yeah. I, I mentioned that if you were paying[00:16:20] Paige: attention,[00:16:21] Stephen: I wasn’t. I was looking something up.[00:16:22] Paige: I play Garrett, but That’s a normal situation. And I was saying how I feel like it makes it cohesive because he seems like a guy who’d be there.[00:16:31] Paige: hanging out, trying to lure you into the arcade games. He’s got that kind of vibe. So that’s one thing that I really.[00:16:38] Paige: feel like fits with Pixar pier.[00:16:40] Paige: is the Mr. Potato head animatronic there.[00:16:43] Stephen: If I had my druthers, I would choose.[00:16:46] Stephen: This isn’t on the list, but I would choose.[00:16:48] Stephen: a Tokyo Disney sea.[00:16:51] Stephen: As my favorite because you walked through a gigantic.[00:16:54] Stephen: Woody mouth.[00:16:55] Stephen: And, uh, that is just the coolest thing ever.[00:16:58] Stephen: It looks just like the boardwalk.[00:16:59] Stephen: [00:17:00] At Disney world, but it’s a giant Woody mouth. So[00:17:02] Paige: that[00:17:03] Paige: freaks me[00:17:03] Paige: out a little bit. So I’d, I’d prefer to pass on that.[00:17:06] Stephen: It’s definitely upsetting, but it’s fun.[00:17:08] Stephen: So DCA for both.[00:17:10] Stephen: Both of us on that one.[00:17:11] Stephen: Yeah.[00:17:12] Paige: We’re in agreement more than[00:17:13] Stephen: We’re doing all right. Next is big thunder mountain. I know that they are in that ride is in both magic kingdom and Disneyland. I have been on by the way, we have a three month old.[00:17:26] Stephen: And[00:17:26] Stephen: she might cry a little bit.[00:17:28] Stephen: And that’s what that was. So with big thunder mountain. I remember the cues being very similar. I guess I’ll start with this one.[00:17:37] Stephen: But.[00:17:38] Stephen: I have to say that I did prefer magic kingdoms because it felt a little[00:17:42] Stephen: bit.[00:17:43] Stephen: rougher and a little bit more. Wild. The other thing about it is. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but here I go.[00:17:52] Stephen: You can see the castle from that ride when you’re going up a couple of the Hills.[00:17:56] Stephen: And I think that’s pretty neat.[00:17:57] Stephen: Whereas in Disney land.[00:17:59] Stephen: you may not [00:18:00] have such a luxury.[00:18:02] Paige: You know, if the Disneyland castle were big enough they might not be a problem. But. Again, A little underwhelming. So you can’t really see it from some of these rides. I actually don’t really have a strong opinion about this one only because I think I’ve only written this ride twice. Like it is a joke in my family.[00:18:25] Paige: That every time we ever went to Disney world.[00:18:29] Paige: It must’ve been just bad luck.[00:18:31] Paige: but big thunder mountain was always closed, whether it was like some sort of construction. Or it was just down for that hour. But we always seem to get like a free, fast pass to come back later and then it was still down later. So I think I’ve only written this ride. Once in each park, maybe.[00:18:55] Paige: Um, and so I really don’t even have enough memory of it to have a strong [00:19:00] opinion either way.[00:19:01] Stephen: They are very similar. Um, but if memory serves, I think that there was some cool interactive stuff.[00:19:07] Stephen: And[00:19:07] Stephen: uh, the line At magic kingdom[00:19:10] Paige: Oh, for sure. I do remember that. Cause there was a little kid in front of us that kept touching everything.[00:19:15] Paige: And then there’d be a huge gap between that little kid and his family. So it was taking us a little while to get through, but yeah.[00:19:21] Stephen: It wasn’t[00:19:21] Stephen: close to how terrible seven to mine. Seven. The worst mine trail is.[00:19:25] Paige: for sure. that. was, That was like, Hey, it’s only a, an hour and a half. Wait. And then we were in line for like five hours.[00:19:31] Stephen: I wanted to throw kids out of the line.[00:19:33] Paige: Yeah. So that[00:19:33] Paige: was a fun time. We’ll tell you.[00:19:35] Stephen: Which is a terrible thing to say, because.[00:19:37] Stephen: Fantasyland.[00:19:38] Stephen: isn’t really, for me.[00:19:39] Paige: Oh, that’s[00:19:39] Paige: true. true.[00:19:40] Paige: Well, now it is now that We have a child.[00:19:43] Paige: right.[00:19:43] Stephen: We’ll take her.[00:19:44] Paige: some more time in magic kingdom again.[00:19:46] Stephen: And then[00:19:46] Stephen: I’m going to encourage you to play with all the Juul is in line, And then people want to throw her out,[00:19:50] Stephen: So,[00:19:51] Paige: no, she she’s too sweet for that.[00:19:53] Stephen: We do. We both agree on magic.[00:19:54] Stephen: kingdom for this one.[00:19:55] Paige: Yeah. I think,[00:19:56] Paige: I think we have to. Okay.[00:19:58] Stephen: We’re we’re pretty, [00:20:00] uh, copacetic here.[00:20:02] Stephen: Pirates. Of the Caribbean.[00:20:05] Paige: Caribbean.[00:20:06] Paige: Caribbean.[00:20:07] Stephen: I’m going[00:20:07] Paige: we[00:20:07] Paige: disagree on this?[00:20:08] Stephen: Caribbean.[00:20:09] Paige: pirates Of the Caribbean.[00:20:11] Paige: It’s Usually what I say.[00:20:12] Stephen: All right.[00:20:13] Paige: Okay.[00:20:13] Stephen: I don’t remember how I say it at this point. So, what do you think.[00:20:18] Stephen: You kind of have, this really feels like a classic case of like old school versus new school.[00:20:24] Paige: Right. Well, you know, Pirates is one of my favorite rides to classic. I actually wore a captain Jack Sparrow bracelet for several of my teen years. I could not tell you why. I just was really into it. I don’t know. Um, so this one is a favorite for me in general.[00:20:45] Stephen: Um,[00:20:46] Paige: Yeah. I don’t know. I love this area in Walt Disney world, and I even love like when you come out into the gift shop, I just think.[00:20:54] Paige: you know, all that pirate stuff. Super cool. Um, [00:21:00] the difference in this one, isn’t there a different than the drops.[00:21:03] Stephen: Yeah, it’s a little bit different on the inside.[00:21:05] Stephen: A little bit. but what, what gets me.[00:21:08] Stephen: is the line. So in Disneyland,[00:21:11] Stephen: If you’ve not been there.[00:21:13] Stephen: You are in, uh, new Orleans squares.[00:21:16] Stephen: where Pirates of the Caribbean.[00:21:17] Stephen: is, and you basically have to, there’s two different lines you have to go in, and then you do the majority of your, you do the vast majority of the key was outside sort of wrapping around. Uh,[00:21:29] Stephen: And Like a courtyard of this old.[00:21:31] Stephen: a new Orleans style home. And then in Disney.[00:21:36] Stephen: And magic.[00:21:36] Stephen: kingdom. You’ve kind of got more of this Moroccan style.[00:21:41] Stephen: Uh, w what is that? A venture land where it[00:21:43] Paige: It Must[00:21:43] Paige: be adventure land. It’s gotta be, which I feel like makes more sense when I think of pirates. I don’t think of new Orleans. So I, I love the vibes. Like I said, I think new Orleans, the French quarter. I love that area in Disneyland. I think it’s [00:22:00] beautiful. I love walking through that little alcove.[00:22:03] Paige: There and feeling like I’m on the streets of new Orleans. But I don’t really feel like that matches pirates of the Caribbean. Okay.[00:22:12] Stephen: Yeah.[00:22:13] Stephen: The other thing about the magic kingdom pirates is that the first time I went on it,[00:22:20] Stephen: I well, so the first time I went to magic kingdom, I was sort of begrudging the fact that it wasn’t going to be like Disneyland. And it was just going to be sort of this larger replica that.[00:22:29] Stephen: Uh,[00:22:30] Stephen: it wasn’t nearly as good. And, uh, I’ve since changed my mind. Of course.[00:22:35] Stephen: Um, that being said, the outside of pirates in magic kingdom is so cool. You.[00:22:40] Stephen: have this huge pirate flag out in front of it.[00:22:42] Stephen: Um, it’s almost like it’s on its own little island. And then the thing that I loved was the cue surprised me.[00:22:48] Stephen: You walk it’s, it’s almost like.[00:22:51] Stephen: It’s more of an interactive Q when you get into the building, as opposed to in Disneyland, you kind of walk in, you see the boats going around that you.[00:23:00] [00:23:00] Stephen: Uh, the Paris talking to you, You see some people on the wall and then off you go.[00:23:04] Stephen: um, this one feels a little bit more immersive. And so for that reason, I think Disney world.[00:23:10] Stephen: on this one magic kingdom on this one.[00:23:12] Paige: Woo. We agree again.[00:23:14] Paige: Really? Wow.[00:23:16] Stephen: Okay. We’re going to have to part ways here at some point.[00:23:20] Stephen: I know we’re going to part ways at the[00:23:21] Stephen: end, so[00:23:23] Paige: Yes, we will. Number 10 or[00:23:25] Paige: seven.[00:23:26] Stephen: Though, before you go too quickly is star tours. And I’m a huge, huge, huge star wars fan. Huge. And.[00:23:36] Stephen: Even before Galaxy’s edge.[00:23:39] Stephen: which I’ve been to both. And I love both. I still feel the need to go on a star to RSP.[00:23:45] Stephen: It’s so great. It’s such a great queue, It’s such a great ride.[00:23:48] Stephen: And the one in, uh, in Disneyland is directly in tomorrow land almost immediately to your right.[00:23:55] Stephen: when you walk through.[00:23:57] Stephen: It’s fantastic. There’s.[00:23:58] Stephen: a beautiful sign out front.[00:23:59] Stephen: [00:24:00] It feels.[00:24:00] Stephen: um, It just feels great. Uh, you know, it’s cool to go into everything’s great.[00:24:06] Stephen: But.[00:24:07] Stephen: man, there’s something about seeing that at, at, and basically going directly into indoor. In Hollywood studios. And now that it’s coupled up directly with B2,[00:24:18] Stephen: Uh, there’s really just kind of no, comparing the two in my book. So while the ride is identical,[00:24:24] Stephen: on the inside, And they’ve done a fantastic job of updating it and keeping things modern. In fact, last time we went on it, we saw all the Lando Calrissian, which was shocking.[00:24:33] Stephen: ’cause I didn’t realize that they had old Lando. Uh, I’m going to go with Disney. I’m going to go with Hollywood studios on this one because.[00:24:41] Stephen: I mean, you know, the battle of indoors, epic and, uh,[00:24:45] Stephen: there’s just, there’s just no beating it. And they have a great, they have a much better gift shop star traders and Disneyland is not great.[00:24:51] Paige: Well, I think Disney world has so much more to work with in terms of spacing and everything. So it was easier for them. To have this [00:25:00] really cool little area before they even added in Galaxy’s edge. And so I, I agree. I think. I think that entrance is so hard to top for star tours in Hollywood studios.[00:25:13] Paige: But one question I have for you. You said the entrance and Disneyland is in tomorrow land.[00:25:18] Stephen: It is.[00:25:19] Paige: Is star wars in the past or the future.[00:25:23] Stephen: It is.[00:25:24] Stephen: In the.[00:25:25] Stephen: future.[00:25:27] Paige: I thought it was a, I thought the famous thing was like a long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away.[00:25:34] Stephen: but that’s, it is, but,[00:25:36] Paige: So isn’t that the past.[00:25:38] Stephen: I think,[00:25:38] Stephen: I think that the narrator is so far in the future.[00:25:42] Stephen: That he’s saying It was a long time.[00:25:44] Stephen: ago for him.[00:25:45] Paige: That was a good safe,[00:25:46] Stephen: Or maybe he did heavy spice. And, uh,[00:25:50] Stephen: That made him lose his bike.[00:25:51] Paige: Nice.[00:25:51] Paige: one.[00:25:52] Stephen: Okay.[00:25:54] Stephen: And also start towards this open at 87 and Disneyland.[00:25:56] Stephen: And it was kind of like this weird shotgun deal.[00:25:59] Stephen: With [00:26:00] Lucas Lucas films.[00:26:00] Stephen: or Lucas, uh, uh, industrial light and magic, I should say.[00:26:04] Stephen: So[00:26:04] Stephen: it feels a little bit.[00:26:06] Stephen: Ah, no, it feels a little bit forced in there.[00:26:11] Paige: Yeah, well,[00:26:12] Stephen: forced in there.[00:26:13] Stephen: All right.[00:26:14] Stephen: So are we both saying, are we both saying, uh, Hollywood studios on this one too?[00:26:18] Paige: Well,[00:26:18] Paige: yeah, you stole my answer, but yeah.[00:26:20] Stephen: Okay.[00:26:21] Stephen: You want to talk about it more.[00:26:22] Stephen: or should we move[00:26:22] Stephen: along? No.[00:26:23] Paige: no. I just have one little side story about this because I’m not a star wars person.[00:26:29] Paige: I was never into star wars until I met you. So.[00:26:32] Paige: uh, I’ve learned a lot about star wars and I’ve learned to really appreciate a lot of the star wars stuff, but we had done star tours several times together and we kept getting the same exact combination of the ride. So we asked the cast member when we got off, like, Hey, we’ve gotten this exact combination of the ride for the last, like five times.[00:26:57] Paige: We’ve written it in both [00:27:00] Disneyland and in Hollywood studios. And she was like, oh, well there’s several other combinations. Let me just put you back on the ride and you can do it again. And we got a totally new one and it was awesome. And I wish I knew that cast member’s name cause I never gave them a shout out, but that was a really fun thing. And so, you know, cast members really can make things more magical.[00:27:23] Paige: She didn’t have to do that. She could have been like, well, just go wait in line again. So I just, I have that awesome memory of it. Um, and so I really, really love that right now.[00:27:33] Stephen: There are sick. I couldn’t agree with you more.[00:27:36] Stephen: There are 66 different ride combinations.[00:27:38] Stephen: Really. There are. And.[00:27:41] Stephen: Because I think that they have a opening, a middle and a closing and all three of those kind of switch, like a,[00:27:48] Stephen: Like a like a toy.[00:27:49] Stephen: from the, um, Target Ryan’s toy shop.[00:27:52] Paige: There you go.[00:27:53] Stephen: Um, But I’m not saying you should do this. But that is a good, a good [00:28:00] hack. If you want to write it without waiting in line, just tell them you keep getting the same one. You want to try again to get a different one.[00:28:04] Paige: And I[00:28:05] Paige: would not advocate for that. I’m a rule follower.[00:28:08] Stephen: It’s a possibility though.[00:28:09] Stephen: They’re[00:28:09] Paige: I have, I have married someone who likes to break the rules occasionally.[00:28:13] Stephen: Tell them you got the one with the, with the, uh, with the Wookies splattering on the windshield.[00:28:17] Paige: Yes.[00:28:18] Stephen: And then just be like, that’s the one, I guess that’s the one we got every[00:28:20] Paige: every time.[00:28:21] Stephen: And I was like, how many times?[00:28:22] Paige: It was[00:28:22] Paige: a cool one, but like, if that’s the only one you’re seeing. It’s like, come on.[00:28:27] Stephen: The original one was tops.[00:28:28] Stephen: I honestly don’t think they should have changed it because the little. The little, um, little droid.[00:28:34] Stephen: I’m a horrible star wars fan.[00:28:35] Stephen: for forgetting His name. But the pilot.[00:28:37] Stephen: he was hilarious. And then they switched it out with C3 PO.[00:28:41] Paige: but isn’t that droid somewhere else. In[00:28:44] Paige: the park[00:28:44] Stephen: Yeah, for sure. Yeah. He’s he’s um, he’s a DJ Rex.[00:28:49] Paige: No, he’s he’s TJ Rex. Is that it?[00:28:52] Stephen: But I mean, they’re the same dry family.[00:28:55] Stephen: I see somewhere else.[00:28:56] Paige: I thought he is now.[00:28:57] Paige: in the test track.[00:29:00] [00:29:00] Paige: mine. I could have totally made this information up.[00:29:03] Paige: We have watched way too many Disney things.[00:29:08] Paige: I thought he was repurposed somewhere. We’ll have to confirm that information[00:29:12] Paige: later.[00:29:12] Stephen: Are going to have to confirm that later. So the actual pilot is RX. 24. And let’s see RX. 24. I don’t.[00:29:22] Stephen: Yeah. I don’t know where he is now.[00:29:24] Stephen: Um, I think so. I know that DJ Rex is obviously an Ogas.[00:29:29] Stephen: But I’m going to have to look back and, uh,[00:29:31] Stephen: and, and get back to this one. Um,[00:29:34] Paige: we’ll talk about that another[00:29:35] Stephen: Yeah, and I don’t want to.[00:29:37] Paige: All right. Number eight. Number eight.[00:29:39] Stephen: This is kind of a fun one because it’s not a ride.[00:29:41] Paige: It is not a ride. It is a form[00:29:43] Stephen: on how you use it.[00:29:44] Paige: That’s true. The monorail. We have a very cool monorail poster in our basement.[00:29:51] Paige: Yeah, it’s one of my favorite pieces of art that we own.[00:29:54] Paige: And I am partial.[00:29:56] Paige: to the monorail in Disney world. Because [00:30:00] the loop of those three hotels. There’s nothing like it. You just see. The castle and magic kingdom, whether you start at the grand Floridian or the Polynesian resort.[00:30:16] Paige: Or. The contemporary, which we would love to stay in the contemporary, especially now that they’ve done. The rooms and made them all Incredibles themed. We just sing. That’d be really neat. Um, now that we have kids, especially. Um, to take our kids and ride the monorail right into magic kingdom. And they’d see the castle for the first time.[00:30:36] Paige: Right there as soon as we’re getting off of the monorail. So. I would definitely have to go with Disney world on this one. I just think. I just think it’s so unique to just ride around the lake and go through those three hotels. Um, and go right to the magic kingdom.[00:30:53] Stephen: That is definitely pretty cool. Um,[00:30:56] Stephen: I do like that a lot and not to mention you can go to Epcot on a monorail, which is [00:31:00] fantastic.[00:31:00] Paige: That’s true.[00:31:01] Stephen: Um, you didn’t mention that, did you?[00:31:03] Paige: know, I did not.[00:31:04] Paige: You were paying[00:31:04] Paige: attention.[00:31:05] Paige: enough to know that I didn’t mention that this time.[00:31:09] Stephen: Disneyland, however,[00:31:13] Stephen: It’s Disneyland’s monorail is not as. The utility of it is not as great. However.[00:31:21] Stephen: If memory serves, you cannot. The monorail at Disney at magic kingdom does not ride through any of the parks.[00:31:28] Stephen: It[00:31:29] Stephen: doesn’t actually go through.[00:31:29] Stephen: does it.[00:31:31] Paige: I don’t believe so. I think you’d go.[00:31:33] Paige: right.[00:31:33] Stephen: either. Your. Go right up to the entrance.[00:31:35] Paige: And you go right by. Magic kingdom.[00:31:38] Stephen: you do right into the entrance of it. So. I’m going to have to go with Disneyland on this one.[00:31:44] Stephen: The experience on it is not as practical.[00:31:48] Stephen: because you are not.[00:31:51] Stephen: You’re either going to tomorrow, land by October via.[00:31:54] Stephen: Or you’re going to downtown.[00:31:56] Stephen: Disney. Those are kind of your only options. There’s two stops. [00:32:00] What I like about it though, is when you are on the monorail and Disneyland. You can start at the tomorrow land monorail station.[00:32:09] Stephen: And then get dropped off at the downtown Disney monorail station.[00:32:12] Stephen: which you and I have taken advantage of before.[00:32:14] Stephen: when we were going to D to dinner.[00:32:17] Stephen: In downtown Disney.[00:32:18] Stephen: So[00:32:19] Stephen: in that regard, it feels a little bit better. And when I do like about it is it goes right by the matter horn, you go right through tomorrow land.[00:32:26] Stephen: you go on the outside of Disney. Uh, property you go like right along Harbor Boulevard.[00:32:33] Stephen: and then you kind of do a little.[00:32:35] Stephen: loop Through DCA, where you can see it and time was back before They changed DCA.[00:32:41] Stephen: To be more. in line with the Hollywood studio gate you actually used to go across the golden gate bridge on the monorail directly. Through DCA. And that was sort of connected to Soren. Um, so they’re both great. They’re both perfect rides for. Just getting to where you need to [00:33:00] go relaxing, hanging out.[00:33:02] Stephen: And.[00:33:03] Stephen: I mean, there’s no doubt about it. We’re taking the monorail from magic kingdom to Ohana.[00:33:08] Stephen: to get those good noodles.[00:33:10] Paige: 100%.[00:33:11] Stephen: When we go in October.[00:33:12] Stephen: I’m going to have to stick with Disneyland on this one, because I liked going through the park.[00:33:16] Stephen: matter. Horn is one of my favorite rides. I love going by it. It’s so beautiful.[00:33:21] Stephen: And you, you get a, you get a.[00:33:23] Stephen: He’s still got a good view of the castle. You’re up closer to it.[00:33:26] Stephen: and Disneyland. So you can see it better because it’s so much smaller.[00:33:28] Paige: Pretty close to it, to be able to see it[00:33:30] Stephen: blink and you’ll miss it. Okay,[00:33:33] Paige: well, that[00:33:33] Paige: was our[00:33:33] Paige: first disagreement.[00:33:34] Paige: Good job.[00:33:34] Stephen: yeah, Here we go.[00:33:35] Stephen: Next one. Uh, haunted mansion,[00:33:39] Paige: haunted mansion. This is such a good ride. I love spooky things. Halloween is my favorite holiday.[00:33:46] Paige: We are actually going in October, partly so we can try to get into the Halloween party, assuming that they do it again this year. I don’t know whether we’re going to get the old Halloween parties back, or if it’s going to be the. The [00:34:00] new Halloween parties that they did last year, but we’re still super excited to be there during Halloween and haunted mansion.[00:34:09] Paige: Is just such a classic ride. Um, Even though I love the one in Disney world. I think this one really fits. In Disneyland, because this is also in the new Orleans square[00:34:24] Paige: area.[00:34:24] Stephen: It is.[00:34:25] Stephen: Yeah.[00:34:26] Paige: I was pretty certain[00:34:28] Paige: As I was[00:34:28] Paige: saying[00:34:28] Stephen: it.[00:34:29] Paige: Which is why there was hesitation in my voice.[00:34:31] Paige: Because I was only pretty certain.[00:34:33] Paige: but. The vibes of the haunted mansion on the outside, it just seems like a creepy new Orleans mansion. Um, it really fits that early 19 hundreds vibe and it spooky. And yes, the one at Disneyworld is really cool and it’s super different looking.[00:34:54] Paige: Um,[00:34:55] Paige: which one of them is based on that mansion. [00:35:00] Somewhere.[00:35:01] Paige: There’s a mansion somewhere that one of them.[00:35:04] Paige: was based off of.[00:35:05] Stephen: You’re putting me on the spot.[00:35:06] Stephen: I[00:35:07] Stephen: think it’s, I’m[00:35:07] Paige: myself on[00:35:08] Stephen: pretty sure.[00:35:10] Stephen: That it’s a magic.[00:35:11] Stephen: kingdom. I know they’re both based on something. but I know that the magic kingdom one I think[00:35:15] Paige: is based on another house somewhere.[00:35:17] Paige: in Florida or[00:35:17] Stephen: it’s somewhere on the east coast.[00:35:19] Paige: Yeah.[00:35:19] Paige: I think so.[00:35:20] Stephen: Yeah, I’m going to have to agree with you.[00:35:22] Stephen: completely on that even though.[00:35:25] Stephen: One of the benefits of the magic.[00:35:27] Stephen: kingdom version is that since you have your magic band, Um,[00:35:32] Stephen: Bob Jay bag knows everything about you. And so when you are. Finishing the ride.[00:35:39] Paige: Oh, spoiler.[00:35:40] Stephen: It’s been around for a long time.[00:35:42] Stephen: They’re fine. When you’re, I mean, spoiler, Hornet horn, if you don’t want to. If you don’t want to hear it. Posit or something or skip. Um, when the ghost gets in your car,[00:35:50] Stephen: They, they, they, they took a quick look at your magic band and derive where you’re from. And then they say, Like, we’re gonna haunt you in your sleep at. You know, New York city [00:36:00] or something like that.[00:36:00] Paige: And the first time we saw that.[00:36:02] Paige: it super freaked us out. And then we were like, oh, technology. Yeah.[00:36:07] Stephen: I basically linked up my cell phone to this band, and now they know where.[00:36:10] Stephen: I live. Well. I mean, they have to know where I live about tickets. Right.[00:36:13] Paige: They sent The MADEC vans to our house. So of course, They know[00:36:16] Paige: where we live,[00:36:16] Stephen: So that’s pretty cool.[00:36:18] Paige: It is pretty[00:36:18] Stephen: That being said, however, I didn’t need to add. Ever, but that being said.[00:36:25] Stephen: I’m going to go also with Disneyland.[00:36:27] Stephen: It is, you are correct. In new Orleans square. It is right across rivers of America. Um, a buckles right up to the Disneyland railroad. And to me, that is such a cool iconic spot in the park. And, um,[00:36:44] Stephen: We got to talk about.[00:36:45] Stephen: The nightmare before Christmas.[00:36:47] Stephen: overlay. That’s so cool.[00:36:49] Stephen: It’s one of my favorite things and they do not do that in magic.[00:36:52] Stephen: kingdom, which is a shame[00:36:53] Paige: they don’t, but we just talked about this recently. The reasoning for it makes sense though, because if you [00:37:00] think about it, Disney world is just so massive.[00:37:04] Paige: So people from all over the world come to Disneyworld.[00:37:07] Paige: It’s very much of a tourist destination for people from all over because there’s four parks. And they’re massive and so many resorts and so much Disney property, there’s so much to see and do so they, they want to make sure that someone’s first time in Disney world. No matter when they’re coming, they’re going to get the original haunted mansion ride. So I totally get it.[00:37:32] Paige: Um, now that being said, the overlay is incredible. And so when we went out to Disneyland,[00:37:39] Paige: I think that was 2016.[00:37:41] Paige: We went right after Christmas.[00:37:44] Stephen: It was terrible.[00:37:45] Paige: It was only because it was so crowded.[00:37:47] Stephen: crowded.[00:37:48] Paige: I could[00:37:48] Paige: hardly move. I could hardly. Catch my breath.[00:37:52] Stephen: The[00:37:52] Stephen: castle was under construction.[00:37:54] Stephen: so that there was like, Uh, Disney’s blue walls in front of it.[00:37:58] Paige: It was just, you [00:38:00] know, I’m glad I’ve been to Disneyland since then, because I was a little bit. Disappointed, I would say,[00:38:06] Stephen: yeah.[00:38:07] Stephen: I can understand that.[00:38:08] Paige: The nightmare before Christmas overlay of haunted mansion. Super worth seeing.[00:38:14] Stephen: And the actual ride itself.[00:38:15] Stephen: Yeah,[00:38:16] Paige: Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s super fun. Um, I’m not a big nightmare before Christmas person, but we have watched it every year on Halloween night to kind of transition us out of Halloween, straight into the Christmas season. We’re not trying to skip Thanksgiving. Don’t yell at us. We just love Christmas too. And so it’s like a good transitional movie from Halloween to Christmas.[00:38:40] Paige: So seeing the ride. With those vibes. It’s just really neat. It’s really cool to see what Disney has done with that. Um, it’s really creative.[00:38:49] Stephen: That is[00:38:50] Stephen: really cool. So Disneyland, it is.[00:38:52] Paige: Disneyland.[00:38:54] Stephen: I think our categories.[00:38:55] Stephen: Yeah.[00:38:55] Paige: She agrees.[00:38:56] Stephen: Alright. Uh, last, but you know what? [00:39:00] [00:39:00] Stephen: Hang on.[00:39:00] Stephen: Am I going to do an honorable mention? Before we get into our number one.[00:39:05] Paige: are you going to do an honorable mention?[00:39:07] Stephen: think I had them one and then I F no, wait.[00:39:10] Stephen: Um, I don’t.[00:39:14] Paige: Can We just[00:39:14] Paige: go straight to the big one?[00:39:16] Stephen: Let’s just go straight to it Cause I was gonna, I had one then I was like, I don’t know if it’s going to be as good.[00:39:19] Stephen: And then I got a shy. So.[00:39:21] Paige: Okay. Well, it goes through to the big one.[00:39:23] Stephen: All right. Number one. Uh,[00:39:25] Paige: AK number 10, number 10, but also number one in our hearts.[00:39:30] Stephen: Space mountain[00:39:31] Paige: space, mountain.[00:39:32] Stephen: Let’s[00:39:32] Stephen: talk about it.[00:39:34] Paige: This is where we will[00:39:36] Paige: fight[00:39:36] Paige: to the deaths.[00:39:37] Stephen: where we part ways.[00:39:38] Paige: This is where we fight to the death over this.[00:39:41] Paige: I’m not budging on this.[00:39:42] Paige: 100%.[00:39:44] Stephen: You certainly don’t have to.[00:39:45] Paige: magic kingdom. All day, every day. Stephen is really biased about this one because of an embarrassing story.[00:39:53] Stephen: It’s not really MB. I fell out of the, a ride vehicle on my way out because it’s made for children.[00:39:59] Paige: [00:40:00] It’s not made for children.[00:40:01] Stephen: very small and I tripped and I fell out.[00:40:03] Paige: I have seen. My father and my brother, exit that ride in there. Very tall, skinny human beings and they fit in the ride vehicles.[00:40:13] Paige: And[00:40:13] Paige: they did not trip getting out.[00:40:16] Stephen: So.[00:40:17] Stephen: The ride vehicle is a lot, like matter horn bobsled.[00:40:21] Stephen: Which is[00:40:21] Stephen: arguably one of the most. Arguably. One of the least comfortable rides.[00:40:26] Stephen: That’s true.[00:40:27] Stephen: at any. Any pet any theme park? Even though it’s great. It’s very uncomfortable. And they managed to keep the Yeti. Um, That being said, I do not like the ride vehicle.[00:40:38] Stephen: And there’s nothing, you know,[00:40:39] Stephen: With space mountain, even though, you know, you’re going to be fine.[00:40:42] Stephen: There’s always that fear that you’re going to get your head cut off when you’re writing it.[00:40:46] Paige: Oh, your arms[00:40:46] Stephen: something like something’s going to, you’re not going to leave. You’re going to leave something behind, right. And it’s not going to be your hat[00:40:52] Paige: Or your phone or, or your sunglasses, like it’s going to be a ligament.[00:40:56] Stephen: Yeah.[00:40:57] Stephen: Um, hopefully not your feet. But [00:41:00] I do not like that feeling.[00:41:02] Stephen: And I really don’t like it when I’m sitting in a little bobsled and I feel like.[00:41:07] Stephen: I’m going to just get wrecked on that ride. Um, and sitting in the front, like, forget about it. I don’t want to do that.[00:41:13] Paige: You[00:41:13] Paige: know, but it makes me feel like. I’m smaller and lower to the ground. What I’m in the bobsled style vehicle than when I’m sitting side by side with you? I feel like I’m in this larger rollercoaster. And now we’re both going to get our heads chopped off.[00:41:33] Stephen: Yeah, we’ll go out together.[00:41:34] Paige: Sorry.[00:41:34] Paige: That was really gory everyone. But that’s how I feel about space mountain. I have very strong opinions. I like the bobsled style vehicle. I have hilarious memories of my little cousin screaming her head off or her mom, because she was scared to death. It was the first time it was very traumatizing for her.[00:41:54] Paige: So I was like trying to hold onto her. I was sitting behind her with my arms. On her [00:42:00] shoulders. Bless her heart. But it still is an incredible ride. And I think just all the funny memories I have on it. Even just like from you tripping and being so mad about it. I was not laughing at you. I was laughing with[00:42:15] Paige: you.[00:42:15] Stephen: you.[00:42:15] Stephen: were certainly laughing at me.[00:42:17] Stephen: cause I was not laughing.[00:42:18] Stephen: but that’s okay.[00:42:19] Paige: But Now[00:42:19] Paige: we laugh about it.[00:42:20] Stephen: I think.[00:42:22] Stephen: if I’m not mistaken, the reason that there’s the single writer.[00:42:26] Stephen: See, like the single seat.[00:42:28] Stephen: as opposed to a double seats. It’s because there’s two tracks.[00:42:31] Paige: Yes.[00:42:31] Paige: I do[00:42:31] Stephen: The inside of Disney world their magic kingdoms version.[00:42:36] Stephen: So.[00:42:38] Stephen: Because you can sort of fit more people on everyone gets their own seat, as opposed to in Disneyland, you only have, I think the one track.[00:42:45] Stephen: cause it’s a little bit smaller.[00:42:47] Paige: right?[00:42:47] Paige: because they don’t have as much.[00:42:49] Paige: Square footage.[00:42:50] Stephen: right. And[00:42:51] Stephen: so because of that, you, you get, you get the doubles. You get those good doubles.[00:42:56] Paige: Fun times.[00:42:57] Stephen: Uh, the only thing that I’ll say against [00:43:00] Disneyland’s.[00:43:00] Stephen: Space mountain that I don’t prefer is that you have to.[00:43:05] Stephen: and I’ve, I, I don’t think you don’t have to do this. You kind of go straight on. In magic kingdom. Like you walk in and there you are. And, and, and, and.[00:43:15] Stephen: And Disneyland. You kind of have to go pass captain. You.[00:43:19] Stephen: I don’t think that’s there anymore.[00:43:20] Paige: Well,[00:43:21] Paige: good times.[00:43:22] Stephen: Yeah.[00:43:22] Stephen: Or honey, I shrunk the audience, which is.[00:43:24] Stephen: Horrifying.[00:43:24] Paige: That one was so much.[00:43:25] Stephen: Then you go up a ramp And then you kind of go on the roof.[00:43:29] Stephen: of galactic grill or pizza planet or whichever one it is. And then you sort of walk on top of the roof to get into the ride, which is strange.[00:43:37] Paige: who is kind of weird.[00:43:38] Stephen: Remember that?[00:43:39] Stephen: Yes. Yeah.[00:43:40] Paige: And then I had pizza planet after that.[00:43:43] Stephen: Wow. We’ll talk about food later, but[00:43:45] Paige: you[00:43:45] Paige: know, I’m remembering. The only thing I will say for the Disneyland version.[00:43:52] Paige: Is when we went a few years ago, the star.[00:43:55] Stephen: Overlays baby.[00:43:57] Paige: That I wanted to [00:44:00] ride it again and again, and again. And so I will give Disneyland. A half point. For.[00:44:09] Paige: Space mountain, because I thought the overlay was so cool of.[00:44:13] Paige: The star wars overlay.[00:44:15] Paige: but overall, my vote. Goes to.[00:44:20] Paige: Disney world because that entrance. Into tomorrow land. That’s one of my favorite areas of any park Tomorrowland is the best. And space mountain. Is in my top three rides.[00:44:34] Paige: So I got to go with with the classic Disney world.[00:44:37] Stephen: All right. You’re thinking of hyperspace mountain.[00:44:40] Stephen: And then[00:44:40] Paige: mountain. That is what I’m[00:44:42] Paige: thinking.[00:44:42] Stephen: Then the other overlay they had was the ghost galaxy.[00:44:46] Stephen: Right. Which it looked like it was straight out of Brandon Frazier’s mommy.[00:44:49] Stephen: Nice. Yeah,[00:44:50] Paige: that’s a classic.[00:44:51] Stephen: Cool. Um, so yeah, I’m going to go with Disneyland. I don’t like the feeling of the, of the, uh, magic kingdom one, [00:45:00] however, How ever.[00:45:05] Stephen: You don’t[00:45:05] Stephen: get the people mover through the Disneyland one. And that’s pretty good.[00:45:09] Paige: Do You see,[00:45:10] Paige: you see[00:45:10] Stephen: that[00:45:10] Stephen: doesn’t mean I like.[00:45:12] Stephen: The space mountain.[00:45:13] Stephen: and magic kingdom. That means I like the people mover.[00:45:16] Paige: But[00:45:16] Paige: if you happen to be riding the people mover, when they turn the lights on.[00:45:20] Stephen: Pretty cool.[00:45:21] Paige: It[00:45:21] Paige: is pretty cool.[00:45:22] Paige: Cause You’re like, wow. It is a miracle that no one dies on this ride every day.[00:45:27] Stephen: I think it’s a lot safer.[00:45:29] Stephen: than. I think it’s a lot safer. It’s a lot safer than you think it[00:45:33] Paige: Oh, for sure.[00:45:34] Stephen: 100%. It is it just because it’s dark.[00:45:37] Paige: For sure.[00:45:38] Stephen: that’s the whole thing. That’s the whole gimmick.[00:45:40] Stephen: It feels a lot scarier.[00:45:41] Stephen: than it[00:45:42] Paige: Right. Inside rollercoaster.[00:45:45] Stephen: Right.[00:45:45] Paige: You know,[00:45:47] Stephen: Yeah.[00:45:48] Stephen: So space, mountain. That is all of them.[00:45:51] Stephen: I am going to do an honorable mention though, because this is sort of, this is not a ride.[00:45:58] Stephen: But I want to [00:46:00] just.[00:46:01] Stephen: tap on the shoulder.[00:46:03] Stephen: Of Galaxy’s edge really quick.[00:46:05] Stephen: Really[00:46:06] Stephen: because they are identical on the inside. Pretty much completely.[00:46:11] Stephen: But[00:46:12] Stephen: the entrance is.[00:46:14] Stephen: Are kind of what I want to go over super fast.[00:46:17] Stephen: because we’ve been to both of them. Uh, Eastern west. And. I as much.[00:46:25] Stephen: I mean I as, as much as I was floored by going to Galaxy’s.[00:46:31] Stephen: edge for the very first time in Disneyland.[00:46:34] Stephen: I[00:46:34] Stephen: was really troubled that we lined up. Bye. Um, the carousel and fantasy land to get there.[00:46:40] Stephen: Like there was a huge line for everyone to go in We’ve gotten in Before we got our rise to resistance boarding passes. And this was early 20, 20 before anyone had anyone new, they had COVID. And also when rise the resistance, I think it opened up. Just a few weeks before we went and January. Um, but we [00:47:00] ended up having to line up to get into the,[00:47:02] Stephen: into the[00:47:02] Stephen: land and fantasy land.[00:47:04] Stephen: And everything about it just felt wrong. And when you leave through like the resistance side of things, You kind of get yourself out into critter country. And then you’re by splash mountain. So, because.[00:47:17] Stephen: You know[00:47:18] Stephen: yeah. Disneyland, is never done. As long as there’s imagination. There’s.[00:47:21] Stephen: always new stuff, blah, blah, blah. I get it.[00:47:24] Stephen: But it just feels weird to have star so much star wars and.[00:47:29] Stephen: Disneyland. Whereas in Hollywood studios.[00:47:33] Stephen: It felt[00:47:34] Stephen: like.[00:47:34] Stephen: a F. Beside.[00:47:37] Stephen: Toy[00:47:37] Stephen: story, land that transition going from toy story land. Into Galaxy’s edge. It feels a lot more flawless. Where you’re in Andy’s backyard. And then. You just kind of[00:47:49] Paige: it turns into just nature.[00:47:51] Stephen: They’re here we are[00:47:52] Stephen: right.[00:47:53] Stephen: And there, there it is.[00:47:55] Paige: And there it is.[00:47:56] Stephen: It is. And you’re not thinking, oh my gosh, you know, [00:48:00] in the fifties,[00:48:00] Stephen: Fantasy land was here and there was all this beautiful stuff. And now there’s the state-of-the-art Galaxy’s edge.[00:48:06] Stephen: in and Disneyland. Like what.[00:48:08] Paige: I think part of that too. With us lining up in Disneyland by the carousel is when humans see a line, they just like assume that that is what they’re supposed to be doing. But as soon as they opened Galaxy’s edge for people to enter.[00:48:26] Paige: That line disappeared. So while we were trying to be good human beings and wait in line by the carousel. We may be, should have just walked right on, up into the crowd. Like rope drop. Where[00:48:40] Paige: it’s[00:48:40] Paige: just total chaos. Yeah. And so I think that would have maybe made us feel a little bit differently about it.[00:48:48] Paige: But I do agree with you. I think. I think the transition in Hollywood studios to the entrance of Galaxy’s edge seems. Seems more. [00:49:00] [00:49:00] Paige: Appropriate. And I think too, that comes down to again, Disney world has so much more property. That they can expand it back a little further. Disney land is a more confined space. They only have so much real estate they’re working with. So I think they did their best. A plus for effort.[00:49:18] Stephen: I mean, they did great. It’s just, it just feels weird. I[00:49:21] Paige: get. it. I get it,[00:49:22] Stephen: And I don’t want to be one of those.[00:49:23] Stephen: that Disneyland and my youth kind of people.[00:49:26] Stephen: Because no[00:49:26] Paige: in my[00:49:27] Stephen: No one wants that kind of person on there. On their, on their, on their earbuds. Yeah.[00:49:32] Stephen: Um, Yeah, it’s just strange.[00:49:36] Stephen: So, are there any other. Restaurants rides anything we forgot about.[00:49:43] Paige: I don’t think so. I think if we do that, we’d get into just so many little things. Like. Like even some of the food items are a different restaurants in Disneyland and they are in Disney world. And so it would just be really complicated. To compare it. Like my Monte Cristo [00:50:00] sandwich that I’ve still never had.[00:50:02] Stephen: Yeah.[00:50:03] Stephen: Because of the blue by you. Didn’t serve it for dinner.[00:50:05] Stephen: It was the[00:50:05] Paige: there was only A lunch item.[00:50:07] Paige: and then. Then I was going to get it this last time, but it was way too hot to eat such a sandwich. So here we are.[00:50:17] Stephen: Speaking of identical rides. I got one more at my safe.[00:50:21] Stephen: Okay.[00:50:21] Stephen: Test track a radiator Springs racers. By all accounts in the same ride[00:50:26] Paige: they are.[00:50:26] Paige: 100% the[00:50:27] Paige: same.[00:50:28] Stephen: One of them has talking cars and the other one doesn’t.[00:50:31] Paige: Are we talking the original test track or[00:50:33] Stephen: I’ve never been on[00:50:34] Paige: current[00:50:34] Stephen: I’ve never been on the original test track.[00:50:36] Paige: That[00:50:36] Paige: is true, but what do you want me to compare?[00:50:40] Stephen: Just in general. I mean, the, you know,[00:50:42] Paige: test track is also one of my favorite rides. I.[00:50:46] Paige: I like rollercoasters. I like rides that go fast. I like rides that have lots of twists and turns. So test track is super fun for me. It goes super fast. I don’t like to be. Dropped [00:51:00] really quickly. I don’t like super fast takeoffs from the get-go. So test track is like all of the right things that I like about a ride.[00:51:08] Paige: Where it goes really fast, but you kind of have time to build up to it and there’s no big drops. So that one to me. It feels.[00:51:20] Paige: Um, I don’t know. I I’ve never written it as a kid. So like cars ride. If I were a kid that rode that, that one probably would have been my favorite, but I’ve only written that one as an adult. So like,[00:51:33] Paige: You know, you’re in Disney world or Disneyland. And so you kind of have to.[00:51:37] Paige: tap into your childhood, but test track for me. In Epcot feels more like an adult ride. And so I think I appreciated that one more because I was older.[00:51:46] Stephen: Like you were getting away with something.[00:51:48] Paige: Right. Yeah, exactly.[00:51:50] Stephen: Um, I’m going to say cars the first time I wrote, I think it opened when I was like 19.[00:51:55] Stephen: or something like that.[00:51:56] Paige: Really, I didn’t realize[00:51:58] Paige: it open so late.[00:51:59] Stephen: Yeah,[00:51:59] Stephen: [00:52:00] Um, it did. It was it was not, not, not quick.[00:52:02] Stephen: Maybe I was a little. I don’t. I was, I was some age. I was something. I like that one better, because for me, the cue is the, is the reward.[00:52:11] Stephen: Even though it’s a really long.[00:52:13] Stephen: Like The queue.[00:52:14] Stephen: for radiator Springs. Racers is so fun.[00:52:17] Stephen: It’s so cute.[00:52:18] Stephen: It’s so great.[00:52:19] Stephen: And let’s be honest. No one wants to stop the bill, the car in the middle of an experience.[00:52:25] Paige: I love that part.[00:52:25] Stephen: I skip that[00:52:26] Paige: part because[00:52:27] Paige: again, we’re talking competition,[00:52:29] Stephen: right? But like, come on.[00:52:30] Paige: You get like those good, good endorphins. When you see that your car one. That particular. Part of the crash test or whatever test that it is. You get to see that your car was the best at that thing.[00:52:44] Paige: I’m all about competition.[00:52:46] Stephen: The trick is single writer.[00:52:47] Stephen: On test track. Cause then you Just get on and you get off, you skip it all. And you walk through.[00:52:51] Stephen: and you’re like, no, thanks.[00:52:53] Stephen: We’ll talk about single rider sometime because that’s my jam. Single rider rights,[00:52:57] Paige: is not my jam, but I understand how it’s some people’s [00:53:00] jam.[00:53:01] Stephen: All right. Um, I think that about wraps it all up.[00:53:04] Paige: I[00:53:05] Paige: think that’ll do it.[00:53:05] Stephen: It was[00:53:06] Stephen: fun.[00:53:06] Paige: That was really fun.[00:53:07] Stephen: going to keep doing this.[00:53:09] Stephen: All[00:53:09] Stephen: right.[00:53:10] Stephen: Well again.[00:53:11] Stephen: Uh, this is our first episode of the parks academy. We are going to be really diving in to just kind of whatever, whatever fits our fancy.[00:53:21] Stephen: and going over ideas. And.[00:53:25] Stephen: Topics about.[00:53:26] Stephen: about mainly Disney parks.[00:53:29] Stephen: But we also are sorta within, not too far, a distance of parks, like Hershey park.[00:53:35] Stephen: and we’ve been to other theme parks before. Universal right. Both Hollywood and Orlando as well.[00:53:43] Paige: love some universal parks and[00:53:45] Stephen: now. that we’ve got a little one, we might end up doing some Lego land action at some point.[00:53:50] Paige: Busch gardens.[00:53:51] Stephen: gardens, I guess[00:53:52] Paige: a whole bunch[00:53:53] Paige: of places.[00:53:54] Stephen: So we’ll try to talk about as much as, you know, as possible.[00:53:58] Stephen: but our hearts are really, [00:54:00] you know, with our with, with the mouse in so many ways. And no one does it like Disney.[00:54:05] Stephen: Disney.[00:54:05] Stephen: Springs, the parks, the resorts, even downtown.[00:54:08] Stephen: Disney, they try, They do and there’s nothing like it. So we’re going to sign off.[00:54:12] Stephen: Thanks for listening. And we’ll catch you next time.

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