Larissa Marantz

Episode 51: Larissa Marantz – Disney Artist Spotlight

In this episode we interview the very talented Larissa Marantz. This is her first time at the Festival of the Arts and is new to the Disney art scene. We were so grateful to have the opportunity to interview Larissa and have her share her experiences with us.

Larissa Marantz is a former animation artist for Nickelodeon’s The Rugrats and Rocket Power and has illustrated almost a dozen books for Nickelodeon’s licensed properties, including Avatar The Last Airbender. She has taught art and comics to folks at Cartoon Network, Google and LinkedIn, as well as thousands of children, teens and adults all over the world through her educational company OC Art Studios. Her favorite color is purple and she loves doing yoga and eating brownies, but not at the same time. Larissa is the illustrator and co-creator of Clyde the Hippo Picture book series, published with Penguin Workshop and is currently illustrating a science fiction graphic novel to be published by HarperCollins about a young girl genius who must save the world from aliens.

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