Grizzly Peak

Episode 61: Grizzly Peak Grizzly

We’re kicking off our Park Icons Mini-Series with the great Grizzly Peak in Disney’s California Adventure. Together we’ll discuss the lore and rich history of the peak and learn how it went from a tubular sports vibe to the serene National Park we know today.

According to legend, long ago a coyote Ah-Ha-Ee met a grizzly bear oo-soo-ma-te on top of the mountain. Because the grizzly was such a powerful creature, the coyote asked him to watch over and protect the land. One day, people came upon the mountain and tried to chase the grizzly bear down. Despite this charge, the bear held his ground. When the coyote saw that the bear was alone against the surrounding people, he turned the grizzly into stone so he could never be driven away. To this day, people claim they can hear the bear’s spirit in the wind when traveling through the caverns of Grizzly Peak.

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