Save Money in Disney Parks

Save Money in Disney Parks With These 10 Tricks

Disney Parks are expensive and just getting more and more expensive. Once you’ve bought park tickets and booked your hotel, you still have to deal with souvenirs, food, carrying items, etc. It can and will all add up and the last thing you want to do is be shocked by a credit card bill once you leave the Most Magical Place on Earth. If you want to go and save money in Disney Parks, you’re in luck!  Here are 10 tricks to save money on your next Disney vacation.

Bring Gift Cards Instead

This is a great tip for saving money. When you’re at Disney Parks it’s really easy to get swipe happy and buy and buy and buy without a plan. Having physical gift cards can help stay on budget and not overspend. For example: buy one gift card for dining, one for souvenirs, and one for snacks. Pro tip: pick up your gift cards at Target with a Red Card for 5% off!

Book a Hotel with a Kitchenette

Eating at Disney restaurants and affiliated restaurants can be wildly expensive and add up quickly. We recommend getting a hotel room with a kitchenette and having groceries delivered. Doing this will allow you to keep costs down by not buying food daily. Make some sandwiches to bring to the parks or make sure you have breakfast prepared before you head out for the day.

Have an off Day

Off days in Disney World are a dream! If you are willing to forgo a day in a park, it’s a fine practice to break up the hectic nature of a Disney trip by having an off day. You can park hop, spend a day at the pool, and explore activities offered at your resort. You can also go to Disney Springs, but watch out for the shopping — if you’re trying to save money in Disney Parks, that is.

Stay off Property

Although there are a lot of perks to staying on property, it can be fairly expensive. Depending on where you stay, some rooms can be upwards of $800 per night. Yikes.

If you stay off property you can potentially save quite a bit of money a day. Pro tip: just be sure to find a resort that offers transportation.

Pack Smart

The little things can get you: ponchos, water bottles, fans, snacks, phone chargers, autograph books, etc. If you’re not prepared you might get caught needing to buy all of these things at parks and trust us, these things can get expensive. Make a list and be sure to get essentials ahead of time.

Use Your Camera for Photos

Obviously, PhotoPass is great and, many times well worth the cost. But if you’re trying to save money in Disney Parks and want to still get fun photos, you can ask the cast member to take one on your phone. They won’t yet at you, we promise.

Have a Plan For Dining

When you’re thinking about dining at Disney, you don’t have to go with the sit-down dining options every time. This might seem fairly obvious, but you can make the most out of QSR options for dinner and even take advantage of snacks throughout the park. The point is, be sure to have a plan for dining so you know how much you’re willing to spend daily on food.

Bring Souvenirs For Kids Ahead of Time

Souvenirs at Disney Parks can also be an expensive part of the trip. When you’re bringing kids to Disney, you can easily pick up some Disney souvenirs and gifts at nearby stores or online. Items like them suitcases, sweatshirts, t-shirts, swimwear, stuffed animals, etc are great ways to help keep the Disney magic alive and keep your kids excited about your upcoming vacation.

Pay Attention to the Busy Season

Disney World is always going to be expensive but you can find ways to keep the costs down while planning your visit. For instance, look for resort deals on their website, there is usually something you can find with discounted pricing. You should also be aware of traveling during high-peak times like summer or holidays. If you’ve ever been to a Disney Park for Christmas you know what we’re talking about. Everything is way more expensive and BUSY! 

It is wise to also look into airfare. That can be a big part of a trip’s cost and if you travel during peak travel days it might just cost more. Shop around, fly during weekdays, or use points if you have them. 

Stay on Budget

Finally, no matter how much money you can or want to spend, it’s advised to stick with a budget. As we said, no one wants to get home and be shocked by a credit card statement!

For any other tips and tricks, listen to the Parks Academy Podcast. 

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