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The New ‘Lightyear’ Trailer is Here and We are Loving It

Hey ’90s kids, The official trailer for Disney Pixar’s new Lightyear movie and we are absolutely loving it. In this trailer, we find out a whole lot more about the Lightyear plotline and what goes on in the upcoming film.

In February, Pixar shared the first look at the new Buzz feature film and today we get another sneak peek at Lightyear.

Even though the first trailer set the scene for the movie, this newest trailer gives us more plot points and introduces us to some amazing new characters (including the already charming Morrison, played by Taika Waititi).  Watch the trailer here:

Pretty great, right? We also get to see more of Sox, the robot cat who is already a beloved character in the Pixar universe. Disney also has shared a brand new poster for the film.

Lightyear is supposedly the film that Andy watched and inspired him to want theBuzz Lightyear toy. This film will be about Buzz Lightyear attempting to return home after he’s stranded on an unfamiliar planet that is over 4 million light-years from Earth.

The Lightyear epic is in theaters on June 17th, and we can’t wait to get our tickets.

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