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You Might Not Want to Do These Things at Disney Parks

Planning a trip to Disney Parks can be a grueling process. You already are spending an exorbitant amount of money and the stress of making sure you are making every dollar count is a real thing. Check out these 4 things you might want to  NOT do when you visit Disney Parks.

Wait in a Very Long Line

It might not come as a surprise, but waiting in line for 120+ minutes for a ride can really take away from your day. Plan ahead and see if Genie+ is right for you (that sounds like an Rx commercial — not intended). Obviously if you have a very large group, forking out $10+ a person for Lightning Lane could really cut into your budget. All of that to say, it’s not the smartest thing to wait in a very long line unless you really, really want to get on a ride.

Forget to Bring Supplies

Bring a water bottle. Sure, that’s essentially the essence of bringing supplies (especially if you’re in the Florida heat). Additionally, however, you will want to pack a handful of helpful supplies. When you’re traveling with kids it can be very helpful to have extra gear on hand to get you through the day. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Water bottle to refill at the many water fountains (did we mention that)?
  • Portable phone charger
  • Snacks (i.e. Cliff Bars, dried fruit, gummy snacks, chips, sandwiches)
  • Pancho (it is almost guaranteed to rain in Florida, it’s happened to us several times — and a Pancho will fix that)

Point and case: don’t go empty handed.

Not Have any Kind of Game Plan

“Spontaneity is an infinite number of rehearsed possibilities.” Unless, of course, that spontaneity costs you a spot at a restaurant or inability to ride that coveted attraction. Having some sort of plan is a very helpful way to make sure that you’re not missing out on anything you really want to do. Plan dining ahead of time, find out which rides are non-negotiable, and pick which days you’re visiting each of the Disney Parks.

Be Too Rigid With Your Schedule

Yes, you should have a game plan, but don’t let that schedule be too rigid. Allow for time for be a little bit free with your schedule. Let’s say a cavalcade comes whizzing by, a must-do ride has an unexpected short wait, a photo pass opportunity presents itself, or you need to just take a fast break. Having a bit of flexibility in your game plan is critical, that way you can make time for those “magical moments” that Disney has to offer.

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